Mumbai- Frankfurt

It was a jumbo jet morning! Being on a Boeing 747 is fascinating and it is an aircraft slowly being phased out by all the airlines. I was lucky to be on a Koreal Air 747 two years ago on the Bangkok Seoul route and this time it was Kuwait Airways jumbo jet. This aircraft 9K-ADE is a beauty… it is no ordinary jumbojet! The aircraft apparently belongs to Emir of Kuwait and though one cant get a tour of special facilities on the plane, it is still a nice feeling. I picked the second last row on the plane because it has more space on window side. My neighbour was scared of flying and was hopeful of gulping down 2-3 glasses of wine to go to sleep! but Kuwait Airways is a non-alcoholic airline! It was really a Jumbojet day because I was able to spot an Air India B747 too.

air india 747


9K-ADE Boeing 747-400M photo by Sebastian – Planespotters

The first leg of the flight was quite relaxed after boring early morning wait at T2 Mumbai (BOM)but the food was quite disappointing! There was Uthappam, Chhole combination in veg menu and it was quite bland. Before landing into Kuwait City (KWI) we flew over Al-Khiran resort… which looked like Mitochondria according to my wife!

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9.39.18 AM

KU 302 flight path – flightradar

alkhiran resort

Al Khiran Resort

Kuwait City airport is really boring! Except for free wifi there is nothing to keep yourself entertained for 3 hours! Even at the boarding gates there are about 20dd seats before gate opens for a flight that ferries about 180 passengers!  Our flight path avoided war ravaged Iraq Syria region and we crossed gulf of Persia to fly over Iran. Iran had some amazing vistas to offer. Sand and water created some interesting landscapes.

iran river mouthsand river

Before flying over rugged mountains, some snow capped, it was interesting to the web of Karun river … deep blue but devoid of any trees around its dragon like expanse. After flying on a 20 year old B747 we were now on a brand new Airbus 330-232 with serial no. 9k-APE with some good Veg Biriyani for company!


Photo by Helmut – Planespotters

iran snow cappedrugged iraniran river

We briefly flew over Turkey and Black Sea and entered Bulgaria; heading northwest towards Romania – Austria and Germany.

black sea

Crossing the Black Sea

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 3.12.02 PM

Flight path – KU175

After a 5 hour 30 minute flight I was getting a glimpse of Frankfurt! Beautiful forests, Factories, Sports clubs and of course the highways Germany is famous for… more on the highways and cars a bit later!

frankfurt highway webfrankfurt highway

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