An ode to Mishkal Mosque

A calm quiet suburb in Kozhikode around the Kuttichira lake and the walk on the seashore is enchanting … especially listening to the sound of the sea and witnessing the sun set over the Arabian sea.

Kozhikode beach

The Thekkepuram beach is comparatively quieter than the beach closer to the city centre, but perhaps a bit unclean due to trash thrown by the locals and the tourists. But walking around in this area reveals a different side of Kozhikode city

Nakhuda Mishkal mosque

This minimal but elegant looking mosque is an important site in terms of Islamic architecture of southern India. No minarets, no domes, no cupolas … but a balanced wooden structure of 4 stories built in Kerala style. This mosque was built by the trader Mishkal in the 14th century and it was damaged during the Portuguese attack thanks to arson. It was rebuilt again in 1510 CE. This mosque has 47 gates, 25 pillars and a large prayer hall that can accommodate around 400 people for Namaz.

The mosque was restored by the Hindu king Samoothiri or Zamorin and it is an important landmark in India’s maritime history.

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