Chiplun Mumbai

My first stop was at the Parshuram temple in a village named Parshuram on a hilltop near Chiplun. It is said to be a 18th century temple built by Bramhendra Swami. It was nice to enjoy a few quiet moments there.

This time I tried alternate route to Kashedi ghat that passes through Natunagar Tulshi Vinhere … The road surface is not very good and one still has to negotiate a narrower ghat so it doesn’t make sense. However, one can enjoy calmer countryside landscapes and backwaters of Natunagar dam.

I took a tea break at Mahad. And visited another temple. The temple of our democracy… Chavdar tale, a lake where Dr Ambedkar fought for the dignity of dalits.

Just a couple of kilometers ahead on the national highway 66 there are ancient Buddhist Caves that are waiting to be explored… Just a short walk from a busy national highway

These are Gandharpale Buddhist Caves perhaps built during first century BC to third century AD. But there is no information board or signage here … Such neglect!

My next break was lunch at Aakar pot art studio in Indapur… It is a fantastic place built passionately by Rajesh Kulkarni and his team.

I mentioned about wood craft museum in my previous blog. Had a chance to see the full exhibition on my way back…

Pali to Express highway leg of the journey passes through a hilly forest area. Through the pass known as Umber Khind… Where Shivaji defeated Kartalab Khan using strategic manoeuvres.. that story in some other blog!

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