Review : The Lemon Tree Aurangabad

No. 223

A good business hotel let’s you rest well.. eat well and if you need to work provides a good connectivity. For frequent travelers like me home like comfort is important. One is not looking for exotic fine done affair but simple tasty nutritious food.. at least breakfast is essential. The lemon tree at Aurangabad scores fairly well on these parameters. I have stayed here at least 4-5 times but this time I was lucky to get an upgrade in the east wing. The room was spacious, clean and had a nice sit out area. This hotel has several abstract paintings in rooms and lobbies but my room had a nice landscape impression of Ellora caves.

It was refreshing to have breakfast on the poolside under the warmth of oblique golden sun rays.

There were some interesting paintings on the lobby level. I found them calming and soothing.

Wonderfully crafted tribal copper statuettes were intriguing and fascinating. They were from a completely different cultural planet.

The staff is courteous and prompt to respond should you need something. Food is average and the breakfast buffet needs to improve. Internet speeds are good for surfing but slow for uploading multimedia files. I would rate this hotel 3.7/5.0

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