Bibi Ka Maqbara

Short, hectic business trips leave you with little time to go beyond meetings and fieldwork! But sometimes it just takes a couple of hours in the morning to explore an interesting monument.. All you need is a keen eye and a camera phone. Presenting a photo essay on the Taj of Deccan…The Bibi ka Maqbara in Aurangabad.

Most of the monuments under the Archaeological Survey of India are open to tourists from daybreak. It’s a good time for photography and one can soak in some quiet time under Vitamins D.

Images are shot on Redmi Note2

One of the old city gates

Makai Darwaja

This mausoleum was built by Azam Shah in the 17th century in the memory of his mother and Aurangzeb’s wife Rabia Ul Durrani alias Dilras Banu Beghum. According to inscriptions on the entrance, the monument was designed by Architect Ata Ulla and engineered by Hanspat Rai.

Entry on the southern side


Mini Taj Mahal


Carved dome over the entry gate



Masjid built in the Nizam period


Embellished chowki


Mughal landscaping around the Mausoleum


Floral textures adorning the gate


Rabia-Ul-Durrani’s grave


Through a different lens


Marble combined with fine plaster


Jali work


One of the minarets


0735 hours

Carvings on doors



for archaeological information on the Bibi ka Maqbara –

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