Cologne in Black & White

colonge cathedral bridge

Hohenzollern bridge and the Colonge cathedral

It was a cloudy, boring afternoon in Cologne! I had just a few hours to explore this beautiful roman city before heading to the hockey club and shoot for my film! A large part of my first European summer was spoilt by horrible weather! So I decided to get fine arty and respond with some black and white shots. After all, Cologne or Koln is an ancient Roman city that has beautifully embraced several centuries through its architecture.

koln icecream

Ice Cream on top

koln streets

For a city in motion

koln trams

Trams are still cool!

rhein church

A Rheinscape!

I hate to see places like tourists… you cant really experience a city with package tours… but sometimes it can be interesting too. I decided to take a 1 hour open roof bus tour from the Hauptbahnhof. These images are my impressions of how I saw Cologne. They reflect my ideas, my sensibilities, my perceptions and visual expectations from a European city. When you are shooting rapidly like this, you get little time to think and make images. On one hand you end up shooting only on the surface level doing touristy photography… on the other hand I feel if you are a trained observer you pick interesting visual elements spontaneously. Someday I would love to spend a week in Colonge exploring it more in detail and see if I clicked differently.

Colonge has several Roman churches but some contemporary architecture too attracted my attention. Its an interesting mix of old and new.

koln glass building

A spaceship may be?

colonge roman church

One of the several churches

koln old station

What a railway station, It is functional now!

The story of Colonge cannot be complete without the Cologne Cathedral, it is a world heritage site. It is a story that needs to be told with colours! So let me leave you with some images before I come back with a visual essay on the Colonge cathedral.

koln entrykolndom towers

See more on our blog! and come back soon for more on the Cologne cathedral

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