Chor Minar of Hauz Khas

We all know the iconic Qutb Minar of Delhi … an architectural marvel from the Mamluk era. But let us go a bit ahead by about a hundred years and we find mention of another Minar. Not so tall and grand and not celebrated either … today located inside a quiet housing area in Hauz Khas enclave, this monument stands in fairly good condition.

Chor minar2

It is a 13th century monument built during Allauddin Khalji reign between 1290-1320CE. One can notice many holes on the top cylindrical part about 225 of them. It is said that when a thief was caught and beheaded, his head was hung on a spear and displayed here…. Therefore, it was also known as the tower of beheading.

Chor minar5
chor minar 4
chor minar3

Well the monument looks very interesting … perhaps cute …. but it has a morbid past. According to ASI records Khalji beheaded about 8000 Mongol settlers in Delhi during Mongol raid on the city to ensure they could not join the aggressors. Those severed heads were displayed here. There is an opening to go up through a spiral staircase but it was locked. So predictably there are ‘haunted’ stories about this monument too.

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