Jethabhai Ni Vav

I was looking up for Isanpur .. a suburb of Ahmedabad on Google map and discovered that there is a step well near by. A trader named Jethabhai Mulji completed this step well in 1860. It was documented in James Burgess’s account in early 20th century…

About 22 feet in width and more than 200 feet in length, the well must have been a key water reservoir in this almost arid region.

A dome supported by 12 pillars welcomes you to the well. A couple of villagers and perhaps pigeons will welcome you as you climb down the stone stairs. Geometrical carvings and colonnade leads to the centre.

As you go down towards the well base, it gets cooler and darker. Can these wells be cleaned and made operational again I wonder.

It is perhaps a comparatively recent structure considering there are many step wells here that were built few centuries ago … It is less ornate in terms of carving but the colonnade looks grand…

There are gods and goddess carved in some of the walls … Quite similar to those found in Dada Hari ni bavadi … That’s for next exploration

Some school kids wanted me to click them and I had fun taking some whacky spontaneous shots…

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