Bridge on River Ganga

vns padaw ghat

A beautiful British built bridge lets you cross river Ganga near Rajghat and connects Varanasi to Ramnagar via Padaw. The bridge is an engineering marvel with two levels – the lower level is for trains and the upper level is for cars. My driver told me that the bridge has already crossed its expiry date but stands strong even today. While the bridge is extremely busy with traffic, it gives a classic vantage point to observe the river

vns padaw bridge iron.jpg

vns padaw bridge

It was a magical feeling to just look at the river and the life sustained by it…. Gangetic belt sustains almost 1/10th of world population and has witnessed so many historic moments in Indian history… the river flows with eternal calmness and its very soothing to watch.

vns padaw boat

After crossing the bridge I was greeted by an islamic looking dome. It was a tomb of Lal Khan.

vns lal khan roza


There is so much to discover in this historic city…. lot beyond the famous sites. Every lane, locality has rich history and heritage and some interesting cultural flavour to absorb.

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