My Wishlist ! हज़ारों ख्वाहिशें ऐसीं


I think when you feel blanked out in solitude at midnight … one of the easiest an brightest thing to do is to draw up a’ to do list’  …. not to confuse it with the list you make everyday and struggle with it till you call it a day … it is a wish list … again … making a wish list is very easy … since wishful thinking doesn’t require any cash or kind …  Thoda deemag lagana padega thats it! So there goes my wish list … contains whacky things that came to my mind at different points in time … but i am damn serious bout them.

1. Fly in a fighter aircraft belonging to the Indian Air Force

2. Complete 5,000 skip jumps in a day

3. Meet A R Rahman – Done

4. Learn to swim properly

5. Bike ride along the Konkan coast – 25% Done (from Dapoli to Terekhol, Goa)

6. Learn to play Indian flute – 20% Done

7. Explore Amazonian forests on foot

8. Attend a symphony orchestra concert – Done

9. Eat a fully spicy Andhra meal – Done

10. Watch a grand-slam final live in stadium

11. Direct a big budget movie on Shivaji Maharaj .. a bio epic

12. Attend basic mountaneering program at NIM, Uttar Kashi

13. Visit Ladakh – Done

14. Stay with Indian soldiers deployed at the borders – Done

15. Fight a civic election and win (next time may be!)

16. Play saxophone like a pro! (miles away)

17. Fly in a microlight and handle controls in the air – Done

18. Watch India win a world cup live, in the stadium – Done

19. Road trip in Europe – from Turkey to Scandanavia

20. Track a lion on foot – Done

21. Produce a documentary film on India’s sports culture

22. Learn to drive confidently – Done

23. Photograph a cheetah in Masai Mara – Done

24. Learn to sketch and paint

25. Shoot a cricket match on a Canon EOS D1s Mark III and 600mm lens

26. Learn basic cooking – Done

27. Become adept in solving problems in calculus – Post retirement plan

28. Click a good tiger portrait in a sanctuary – Done

29. Meet Prakash Padukone – Done

30.  Start a foundation dedicated to education and talent search

31. A photographic essay on an aircraft carrier ship

32. Train journey across China …. Beijing to Lhasa

33. Create campaign for the revival of Indian hockey

34. Watch football world cup in Brazil with wife- 2014

35. Bike journey across New Zealand

36. Wildlife photography in South Africa – From Kruger to Capetown

37. Produce a DSLR film on musicians in Indian film industry – Doing everything like a one man crew

38. Black n white landscapes in India as tribute to Ansel Adams – concept ready

39. Build a small retirement home with a studio and music room somewhere on Konkan coast

40. Photo expedition in Patagonia

41. Visit Machu-Pichu

42. Sing and record a song – Done

43. Start a youth centric yearly magazine in Mumbai

44. Setup own visual communication studio

45. Try driving a truck – Done

46. Meet Boris Becker and Steffi Graff

47. Produce a music video on Maharashtra

48. Teach history in school

49. Learn Salsa

50. Penguin spotting in South Georgia


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